If you abide by the following rules as stated below, then you may apply for membership.

* Abide by SSC rules

* Offer zero sexual services

* Have a current and up to date website

* Have no previous record of malicious blackmail and extortion towards unwilling clients

* Are reliable with keeping sessions and not continously cancelling

* Full secrecy and discretion is guaranteed via email/telephone/text exchange and in session with clients

Simply fill out the form, and we shall get back to you once a vote has been made at the next quarterly meeting.

If you are successful in being voted into the council, then in order to retain your membership you must either pay £50 per year for membership, OR attend at least two meetings every year.

If you pay the membership fee of £50, then you shall receive your accredited badge and banner to display on your website within 24 hours, and your name on our website.

If you choose to attend meetings then your badge shall be emailled to you after your first attendance, and your name on our website.

Once you are a member, you shall also receive your log in details to the members section to this website, where you can keep up to date with shared dangerous client information, contribute ideas on how to move forward withing the Pro Domme community, and much more!


One Year Membership ONLY for accredited Professional Dommes for one year.
This is for Professionals who are verified and cannot attend at least two of the four meetings per year.

Pay £50